Petition moves to next stage

Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley is supporting a petition to have a residents’ parking zone set up on McNeil Street, Larkhall.

This week, South Lanarkshire Council’s petitions committee agreed to refer the petition started by Yvonne Johnston to the community and enterprise committee.

Residents have complained about parking problems caused by commuters who park on McNeil Street to use the nearby station to travel to work leaving many householders without the ability to park outside their homes.

The council are now set to discuss the possibility of setting up a Residents’ Parking Permit Zone around McNeil Street in early December.

In order to introduce a Residents’ Parking Permit Zone, the council would need to promote a Traffic Regulation Order which can take between six and nine months.

Commenting, Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley said:

“This is a positive step in solving the parking issues which are affecting residents on McNeil Street in Larkhall.

“Many residents have to rely on off-street parking and they are often put in a position where they cannot park outside their own homes because commuters have taken those spaces when going to the station.

“This can create a tense atmosphere and can lead to tensions between residents and commuters especially when alternative parking is available.

“Introducing a Residents’ Parking Permit Zone would be a simple way of reducing the number of commuters using McNeil Street and it would be weight off the shoulders of residents.

“I would urge South Lanarkshire Council to fully consider the merits of restricting parking on McNeil Street.”