Westminster Tours

Free guided tours of Parliament are available to constituents.

During the ‘Inside UK Parliament’ tour, your guide will:

  • Explain the work of UK Parliament and its relevance today.
  • Outline how the working spaces you visit on the tour are used.
  • Set out ways you can get involved and engage with the democratic process.
  • Highlight some of the dramatic history of the Palace of Westminster.

You will get to see:

  • Westminster Hall, the ancient hall at the heart of the Palace where Parliament first sat and where many historic events have taken place.
  • The House of Commons, including the Speaker’s Chair and the famous green benches and the ‘lobbies’ where MPs vote.
  • The House of Lords, including The Royal Throne.
  • The Queen’s Robing Room, The Royal Gallery and many other fascinating parts of The Palace of Westminster.

Please note that Westminster Tours are extremely popular, and places are limited. Tours can be booked up to six months in advance, and early bookings are recommended.

To enquire about Westminster Tours, contact Angela’s constituency office.

For further information regarding Westminster Tours, click here.