One year on: Angela reflects on first year as an MP.


Marking one year since her election as the MP for Lanark and Hamilton East, Angela Crawley has said that her party has been the only effective opposition to the UK government and the only party consistently championing Scotland’s interests in the UK parliament.

Since her election last year, Angela has been an active MP – notably speaking more times in the House of Commons in her first 10 weeks than her predecessor did in 5 years.

In Parliament she has championed a real living wage for everyone, including workers under the age of 25, campaigned successfully to abolish cuts to Tax Credits, highlighted the impact of the implementation of Universal Credit on hard-working families, campaigned against anti-trade union legislation, led the 50:50 Parliament campaign calling for greater gender equality in Westminster, nominated Mushtaqs restaurant based in Hamilton for the Parliamentary Tiffin Cup which led to him being crowned the best South-Asian restaurant in Scotland, campaigned successfully for the removal of the Tampon Tax, called for the removal of tribunal fees, has been elected Vice-Chair of WASPI campaign APPG, campaigned for stronger legislation around late-payments for small businesses, called for greater protections and recognition for gender identity and is currently campaigning to ensure refuges are exempt from the changes to Housing Benefit.

In her constituency, she has held an energy surgery with Scottish Gas, a free dog micro-chipping event, held a street surgery in every village in her constituency, held South Lanarkshire Council to account for their record on equal pay, campaigned successfully alongside parents against both the school bus cuts and the proposed closure of the Coalyard Tearoom and Laundry, opened the Scottish Gas Training Academy in Uddingston, campaigned successfully against the proposal to move UWS to North Lanarkshire, organised a Christmas Toy-Bank for vulnerable children in her constituency and is in the process of organising her first Jobs Fair.

To date, Angela’s office has dealt with over 2,500 constituency enquiries and almost 500 constituency cases.

Angela has also been recognised for her hard work as a constituency MP, being awarded Politician of the Year at the annual Icon Awards.

Marking the impact made and achievements secured since she arrived at Westminster a year ago, Angela has pledged that she will continue to be a force for equality, social justice, and progressive change – standing up for Lanark and Hamilton East, Scotland and standing by people across the UK against unfair and unjust policies.

Commenting, Angela said:

“One year ago people across the Lanark and Hamilton East put their trust in me to stand up for them at Westminster, to stand by our friends across the UK against austerity, and to be a strong force for equality, social justice and progressive change.

“When I was first elected, I promised to be the hardest working MP Lanark and Hamilton East had ever had, and I believe I have kept my word and delivered – making a lasting impact, providing much needed information and assistance to thousands of my constituents and being a true opposition to the damaging policies of the UK government.

“From championing the abolition of Tribunal fees, to calling the chancellor out on the damage cuts to Universal Credit will have on the people I represent – I have made my constituents voices heard in Parliament.

“I recognise that Westminster is out-of-touch with the people of Scotland. That the Conservative Government’s approach is damaging peoples prospects the length and breadth of the country – it’s my job to let them know how out of touch they are, to try and make their legislation better and to give a real voice to those that have been kept out of the Westminster process for years.

“But closer to home, I know the problems people in Lanark and Hamilton East face and I’ve taken on the duty to try and improve their lives. For example, in response to a number of my constituents raising concerns about the cost of their energy, I brought an energy company to Lanark to answer their questions.

“In response to concerns about the cost of providing micro-chips for dogs, I invited the Dogs Trust free-microchipping initiative to Hamilton, and in response to the number of people either out of work or underemployed, I am bringing over 20 employers to Carluke – offering real careers, apprenticeships and advice.

“But I know there is more that needs to be done, more that needs to be said and more people that have yet to have their voices heard. It is my ambition that I reach out to them, hear their concerns, be their voice in Westminster and help improve their opportunities at home.

“This year has been the biggest privilege of my life, to represent the place I call home. It’s a huge task to represent so many individuals, communities and towns across my diverse constituency.

“Last year, my constituents gave me a mandate to stand up for them, and I’m looking forward to continuing to do just that over the next 4 years.