Employment law challenge

The SNP have challenged Labour to support paid leave for families who experience miscarriage.

Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley has written to Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner calling for the party to include the policy as part of their New Deal for Working People.

Ms Crawley has campaigned for parents to be given a statutory right to paid leave if they experience miscarriage to allow them to properly grieve their loss.

Despite cross-party support for paid miscarriage leave, attempts to introduce the policy at Westminster have failed.

Many private companies and local authorities have implemented their own internal policies to allow paid miscarriage leave but some are simply unable to without state support.

Ms Crawley has also called for a meeting with the deputy Labour leader to discuss the policy.

Commenting, Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley said:

“Miscarriage is a serious and traumatic life event so it is paramount that any update to employment legislation must include a provision for paid miscarriage leave.

“Countries like Australia and New Zealand are leading the way in tackling the stigma associated with miscarriage by ensuring parents are entitled to paid leave if they experience miscarriage.

“Introducing paid miscarriage leave will help end the stigma and allow parents to properly grieve their loss.

“While many private companies and local authorities have implemented their own policies, too many workers are vulnerable to a gap in support that can only be closed through legislation.”