Angela condemns UK Government budget timetable

Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley has today condemned the UK government’s timetable for introducing their budget as a “slap in the face for Scottish public services.”

Chancellor Sajid Javid announced that he will introduce his budget on 11 March – the same day as Scottish councils are legally required to set their council tax rates.

After the UK government’s budget has passed through the House of Commons, the Scottish Government will have to negotiate their budget with opposition parties before putting it to Parliament.

Ms Crawley said: “The UK Government either do not care about Scottish public services or are deliberately putting them under threat.

“To ask local authorities to set council tax rates without knowing their financial settlement is outrageous.

“It is a slap in the face to council tax payers across the country.

“There is no good reason why the Chancellor could not publish his budget this month and allow both the Scottish Government and Local Authorities the ability to properly plan for the year ahead.

“The UK government has given not a single passing thought to Scotland when setting this date and it is yet another example of why Scotland should be an independent country.”