Angela calls on Prime Minister to close Furlough gaps

Lanark & Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley this week called on the Prime Minister to close the gaps in both the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and the Self-Employed Income Support Schemes.

At Prime Minister’s Questions, Angela highlighted the plight of hundreds of her constituents that missed out on crisis payments as a result of anomalies in the system.

Both schemes have supported thousands of people in Lanark and Hamilton East, however gaps in the legislation meant that those employed after the 19th of March or those recently self-employed have been forced to apply for Universal Credit.

This follows news that the Universal Credit claim rate has increased by over 100% since last May.

Speaking after Prime Minister’s Questions, Angela said:

“The Furlough and Self-Employed Income Support Schemes have been welcome, however there are too many people that should be getting support falling through the cracks.

“The arbitrary deadlines have meant those who have recently changed jobs are being forced onto unemployment benefits.

“I understand the aim to combat fraudulent claims through use of a cut-off date, but there are other methods of doing so, such as submission of employment contracts

“It is not too late for the chancellor to level the playing field and I implore him to change tact and allow everyone to access to fair support.”