Angela backs campaign for fair-pay

Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley has today backed the campaign to scrap poverty wages for under-25s.

At present, young workers can be paid as little as £4.05 per hour for regular employment and £3.50 for apprenticeships – well below the Government defined Living Wage of £7.20 and further behind the Real Living Wage of £8.75 per hour.

The campaign and petition – launched by Glasgow East MP, David Linden – calls for a wage rise for under-25s to the UK Government’s defined National Living wage.

Commenting on the campaign, Angela said:

“Pay disparity between young and old is an issue of equality.

“If you do the same job as your counter-part, you should be paid at the same hourly-rate.

“It is shocking that the Tories are forcing young people across the UK to live below the poverty line – refusing to provide the basic protection of the National Living Wage.

“Young people work-hard and deserve to be fairly paid as a result.

“The UK Government operate in a Parliament of minorities and must listen to public pressure.

“That’s why I’m backing my colleagues campaign to uplift the minimum wage of the under 25s to at least the National Living Wage.”

You can sign the petition here: