A much needed change

One of the main reasons I stood for election as your MP was to tackle poverty, inequality and challenge the Tory welfare reform agenda and to make sure it did not push more sick and disabled people into poverty.Over the last few years that has meant helping constituents with benefits assessments which are all too often difficult, traumatic, and … Read more

Sanctions regime costing families

Families across Lanark and Hamilton East are being forced into destitution by the UK Tory Government, Angela Crawley MP has warned. New figures have revealed the amount clawed back from struggling households by the Department for Work and Pensions through their benefits sanctions regime. In August 2022 alone, the DWP took £2.3 million off claimants in Scotland, with £49,000 taken from households in Lanark and Hamilton East at an average of £256 per month … Read more

Families receive child payment boost

The Scottish Child Payment has been increased from £20 to £25 per week per child, meaning 8,130 families in South Lanarkshire are set to receive a boost to their household incomes from the Scottish Government.  Eligibility for the payment – which is only available in Scotland – has also been extended, meaning eligible families in South Lanarkshire with children under the … Read more

Call to uprate benefits

Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley has said the austerity threat to families in South Lanarkshire shows why independence for Scotland is so crucial, following stark warnings on the impact of real terms benefits cuts in the area. Across Lanark and Hamilton East, 10,577 households are set to be subjected to the largest real terms permanent benefits cut … Read more