South Lanarkshire Council’s U-turn on cuts

Christina McKelvie MSP and Angela Crawley MP have today welcomed South Lanarkshire Council’s decision to U-turn on the cuts to both the Coalyard and to the School transport provision.

 The embarrassing climb-down comes after huge pressure from individuals across South Lanarkshire who were outraged at both of the ill thought out and self-defeating proposals.

 However, both of the local Members of Parliament questioned the Council’s handling of the proposed cuts and have urged the administration to apologise for the unnecessary stress vulnerable service users have had to endure as a result.

 Commenting, Angela Crawley MP said:

 “This is a victory for people power. From the outset the Council where determined that they were not for turning.

 “So let us be clear – if it wasn’t for determined activists across the length and breadth of South Lanarkshire, the Council would have pushed these daft proposals through.

 “But because of our collective action, we can now breathe a sigh of relief; safe in the knowledge that our school pupils won’t be forced to make dangerous 3 mile treks every day and the future of the service users at the Coalyard will be protected.

 “Well done to everyone who showed the Council how wrong they are – we won.

Christina McKelvie MSP said:

 “Whilst it is welcome that the Council have U-turned, serious questions have to be answered over their handling of the whole affair.

 “Since they announced the planned closure of the Coalyard, hundreds of concerned, angry and upset constituents have contacted both of our offices.

 “The Coalyard project provides a vital stepping stone for young adults with learning disabilities in the community, teaching them social and practical skills in preparation for employment and independent living.

“Without that support, service users would miss out on a huge opportunity.

 “For the Council to put vulnerable adults with learning difficulties through the anxiety and stress of not knowing where their futures lay is reprehensible.

 “Those that benefit from the service the Coalyard provide will be relieved that their future is safe, but the Council must apologise for the unnecessary anxiety they caused.