Passport delays

Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley is encouraging travellers to check their passports before booking a holiday.

Currently, HM Passport Office is taking at least 10 weeks to process passport renewal applications which has left some holiday goers unable to travel despite being prepared and applying in advance.

Some countries won’t allow entry if a passport has less than six months before it expires so travellers are being urged to check entry requirements and their passports before booking a holiday to avoid disappointment.

Passports with a European Union marker or which are burgundy in colour will still be valid until their expiration date.

Urgent travel cases (eg- to visit a friend or relative who is seriously ill or dying or for medical treatment) can still be fast tracked to ensure people are able to travel.

Commenting, Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley said:

“I would urge everyone to apply for their passport renewal as early as possible if they have travel planned or are thinking about going away.

“Current waits are in excess of 10 weeks and there is very little that can be done if you apply less than 10 weeks before non-urgent travel such as a holiday.

“Some constituents who have contacted me have been waiting as long as 14 weeks for their application to be processed so, despite being prepared, they are still at risk of missing their holiday.

“Where possible, I would encourage constituents to apply for a passport renewal before booking a holiday to ensure they can travel without worry.”