Panama Papers

Angela Crawley has backed calls for David Cameron to disclose the government’s position on off-shore tax havens with a declaration of his cabinet ministers and their dealings with off-shore trusts.

Angus Robertson MP has written to the Prime Minister requesting he provides full disclosure of his government ministers and if they have benefited from off-shore tax havens. He called for full disclosure from Chancellor George Osbourne and all cabinet members.

This comes as David Cameron is due to make a statement to the house today regarding his tax arrangements.

Commenting, Angela said:

“David Cameron has serious questions to answer and must provide full disclosure of his cabinet – how many government ministers have benefited from tax havens?

“For a government that says it opposes tax avoidance, it would be totally unacceptable for any of David Cameron’s cabinet to have pocketed themselves. We have yet to hear from Chancellor George Osborne, or others.

“Had it not been for the Panama Papers leak we would have been none the wiser- and even then it has taken the Prime Minister several days to clarify he benefited from his father’s off-shore trust.

“We also don’t know if David Cameron has benefited from his Father in Law’s trust. It has been reported that the Cameron family also use the British Virgin Islands tax haven to register the 19,000-acre Scottish Jura estate of Lord Astor, Cameron’s father in law. David Cameron must come clean.

“The only way he can help himself and his government is to be completely honest and transparent once and for all.”