Government response to Grenfell Tower tragedy

Angela Crawley MP for Lanark and Hamilton East has welcomed the UK Government inquiry into the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Delivering a response to the government’s urgent statement on Grenfell Tower yesterday (Tuesday 5 September), Ms Crawley said she believes the inquiry must seek justice for the survivors, victims and families of the tragedy.

The response covered the need for reform of social housing policy in England to make sure future housing provisions are of a higher quality, as well as the need for increased counselling services for those affected.

Ms Crawley also highlighted the moves from the Scottish Government, which include a review of the current building standards and fire safety regulatory framework, a consultation on fire and smoke alarms in Scottish homes, and a targeted fire safety campaign for residents of high-rise buildings.

Ms Crawley said: “In Scotland, building standards are devolved and the cladding suspected of contributing to the spread of fire at Grenfell is not permitted for use on high rise tower blocks.

“While we are confident that we have stringent building and fire safety regulations, public safety is of paramount importance.

“I welcome the UK Government’s inquiry into the Grenfell disaster, but I am concerned that without a wider focus into work that needs to be done in English social housing provision, it will fail to answer the more fundamental questions of basic standards of living.

“It is extremely important that those people affected by Grenfell receive adequate support, and I have pressed the Government to action to address the mental ill health and instability of those still living in temporary accommodation.”