Future is bright for Bothwell Library

An asset transfer has paved the way for the future of Bothwell Library thanks to dedicated community group Bothwell Futures. 

Last week, Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley and Bothwell and Uddingston MSP Stephanie Callaghan met with the group to discuss their ambitions for the library. 

Bothwell Futures are set to open a new community hub and social space in the library while maintaining a book borrowing service. 

Following a tour of the building and grounds, chair of Bothwell Futures Kevin Moore explained plans to develop the main library space and some of the back-office rooms. A new staircase and modern toilets are also set to be installed. 

Improvement works over the summer and autumn will see several enhancements made including better access for disabled people. 

Future plans for the site were also discussed as well as the long-term 20-year vision of Bothwell Futures. 

It is expected that Bothwell Futures will take over the building in June with the project expected to be complete by November 2022. 

Bothwell Futures have also successfully interviewed for a Hub Development Manager and the new employee will be announced shortly. 

Commenting, Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley said: 

“Bothwell Futures and South Lanarkshire Council have worked very hard to deliver Bothwell Library back into the community as a hub including the library services. 

“It is important that community assets remain under community control so this move will keep the library in the hands of the people of Bothwell. 

“Bothwell Futures are a terrific, community-focussed organisation and I wish them every success with this venture.” 

Bothwell and Uddingston MSP Stephanie Callaghan added: 

“I have been so impressed by the work of Kevin Moore and all the team at Bothwell Futures. They have created a wonderful, long term, sustainable vision for Bothwell village, with the transfer of the library serving as the beating hub of a reimagined community. 

“A community vision that not only celebrates Bothwell’s historic past, but will place the transferred, beautiful library building at the centre of new, more vibrant Bothwell experience for residents, businesses and visitors alike. 

“It has been my privilege over the past year to watch the Bothwell Futures team create a spirit of partnership with other Bothwell community groups, as well as South Lanarkshire Council. 

“These bonds of partnership provide an excellent foundation for this exciting community transfer to be a huge success and an inspiration for other communities across Scotland. 

“I wish everyone involved the very best.”