Fairtrade fortnight: 6 in 10 Scots buy fair trade regularly.


A majority of Scots regularly buy Fairtrade products, with 60% of consumers choosing Fairtrade at least once a month.

The figures, compiled by the Scottish Fair Trade Forum, were welcomed by SNP MP Angela Crawley as Fairtrade Fortnight begins.

Fairtrade Fortnight, which runs from 26th Feb to 11th March, is a national celebration of the positive impact that Fairtrade has on the world.

Scotland was recognised as a Fairtrade Nation in 2013 after all cities and a majority of our local authorities gained Fairtrade status.

More than 80% of Scottish councils are now recognised as Fairtrade areas, along with around 100 Fairtrade communities around the country.

Commenting, Angela Crawley said:

“The growth of Fairtrade in Scotland has had a hugely positive impact on workers globally, with purchases made by Scottish consumers felt across the world.

“The decisions we make as consumers can have a very real impact on some of the poorest people around the world.

“With most consumers regularly shopping ethically and a clear majority of our councils promoting Fairtrade, Scotland is making enormous progress – and that should be celebrated as we mark Fairtrade Fortnight.”