Comment on the General Election

This snap election is a huge U-turn for the UK Government. After months of ruling out a vote, the Prime Minister believes she can remove any opposition to her hard-Brexit plans by taking advantage of a disunited Labour Party. It’s Theresa May putting the interests of her party above the interests of the country.
For voters in Scotland, the choice at this election is clear. Faced with the most right-wing Government since Thatcher, only the SNP will put Scotland first.
I have been privileged to be your Member of Parliament since June 2015. Lanark and Hamilton East is the area in which I grew up, the place I call home, and I am proud to be its representative at Westminster.
When I was elected only a few years ago, I promised to be the hardest working MP this area has ever had. I also pledged to represent everyone in my constituency, regardless of their political views or affiliations. Throughout my time as your Member of Parliament, I have endeavoured to keep both of those promises without fail – standing up for my constituents at every opportunity.
At the upcoming General Election, I will ask my constituents to put their trust in me again. If successful, I promise to continue to work hard on your behalf and represent you at all times. I will continue to be accessible to all, work hard locally to provide the best possible service to my constituents, and stand up for you at Westminster.
In my short time as an MP, I have worked with my constituents to make changes for the better – from helping people to find work through employment events across the constituency, to pressuring the Government to change its mind on tax credits cuts.
I will seek re-election so that I may continue the job that I have started. Between now and June 8th, I, and my colleagues, will work harder than ever to retain the trust of the Scottish people.