Brexit cuts must not fall on women’s shoulders

Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley has today called on the UK Government to ensure the cuts predicted by the Minister for Equalities prior to the EU Referendum do not fall on women’s shoulders.

Prior to Brexit, the new Minister for Women and Equalities, Justine Greening said in a speech to the London Business School “that cost is our economy – a £36bn hit to tax receipts every year – it won’t just be public services squeezed, it will be our jobs, especially the livelihoods of people on lower incomes.”

The Women’s Budget Group has calculated that 85% of all the cuts have been at the expense of women rather than men.

Commenting, Angela said:

“The Government’s austerity agenda is already crippling families across the country.

“Last week Citizens Advice Scotland revealed figures showing a 47% increase in food bank inquiries on its services – that is simply unacceptable.

“I know people across my constituency are already struggling, so to hear of the huge cuts Justine Greening predicted prior to the referendum is extremely worrying.

“We already know that women bear the brunt of the Government’s austerity programme. Research shows that 85% of the cuts have come out of women’s pockets.

“We need – now more than ever – a Minister that will stand up to the Government and fight women’s corner at every turn, particularly if the cuts she predicted materialise.

“Scotland voted to remain in the EU, and we must do everything we can to protect our place within it.

“However, in the face of tougher and harsher austerity, the Tories must now reassure women across the UK that they will be protected from further cuts.