Barnett rules must apply to DUP deal

Angela Crawley MP for Lanark and Hamilton East has written to the Secretary of State for Scotland to demand Barnett formula rules apply to Scotland following the Tory deal with the DUP.
Theresa May has signed £1.5 billion funding to Northern Ireland in exchange for DUP support for her weakened government – and under Barnett rules, this would mean an extra £2.9 billion for Scotland.
Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell issued a statement over the weekend to claim that the Barnett formula would ensure appropriate funding to Scotland in the event of a cash settlement for Northern Ireland – however no deal for Scotland has been offered.
Ms Crawley pointed out that the £2.9 billion would amount to the same level of funding that had been removed from Scotland’s budget since the Conservatives took office at Westminster.
Commenting, Ms Crawley said: “the Scottish Tories saw a resurgence in the last election with bold claims that they would stand up for Scottish interests in Westminster.
“To allow Northern Ireland to flourish at Scotland’s expense, with the aim of propping up the Tories, not only shows the weakness of Theresa May’s government, but the falsehood of those campaign promises by the Scottish Tories.
“I have written to David Mundell to ask for details on what representations he has made on behalf of Scotland to the Prime Minister in light of the £1.5 billion deal with the DUP.
“There is no reason for Northern Ireland to receive a huge boost in investment when Scotland is no better off – the Barnett rules must apply.”


Text of the letter:
Dear Secretary of State,
Additional funding for Northern Ireland
Congratulations on your re-election. As your neighbouring Member of Parliament, I welcomed your party’s assertion during the election that Scottish Conservative MPs would stand up for Scotland at Westminster.

I also read and welcomed your statement in the press over the weekend where you said: “any funding that goes to Northern Ireland, then Barnett Rules will ensure the appropriate funding comes to Scotland.”

Under the Barnett formula, a cash injection on this scale to a devolved administration would have given Scotland £2.9 billion more to invest in our public services – which amounts to the same level of funding removed from Scotland’s budget since the Tories took office.

As the deal to keep your party in power is complete and £1.5 billion is making its way to Northern Ireland, this now gives you the perfect opportunity to keep your campaign promises, stand up for your constituents, and ensure a good deal for Scotland.

To enable me to fully represent my constituents, can you update me on your representations to the Prime Minister that any coalition deal with the DUP should have positive ramifications for the Scottish Government’s budget, and why – despite your representations – Scotland will be no better off as a result of this investment in Northern Ireland?

Yours sincerely,
Angela Crawley MP