Angela welcomes child poverty consultation

Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley, has welcomed the Scottish Government’s newly launched consultation on ending child poverty. The consultation comes ahead of the Child Poverty Bill which will be introduced next year and will form part of the overall approach to tackle poverty and inequality in Scotland.

The Scottish Government aims to eradicate child poverty – and this consultation asks for comments on the proposals to introduce four statutory income targets seeking to drastically reduce child poverty by 2030, as well as how existing work can be strengthened.

These next steps will build on the range of work the Scottish Government already has underway to tackle poverty and inequality, such as the commitment to the Living Wage, free school meals, expansion of funded early learning and childcare, and the Scottish Attainment Challenge.

Commenting on the consultation, Angela said:

“The launch of this consultation shows that the Scottish Government is taking vital action to tackle poverty and inequality across Scotland.

“Despite 85% of welfare powers remaining at Westminster after the implementation of the Scotland Bill, I am delighted to see the Scottish Government taking this active approach to end the blight of child poverty.

“The consultation will allow further evidence to be gathered and ideas to emerge, helping to build on efforts already underway – such as free school meals, a commitment to the Living Wage of £8.25/hour, the Scottish Attainment Challenge and duties to tackle inequalities of educational outcome due to socio-economic disadvantage.

“The Scottish Government sees child poverty as a priority – and this Bill consultation shows that we work hard to end the cycle of poverty in Scotland once and for all.”