Angela lodges objection to waste plant.

Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley has today (Friday, June 30) lodged an objection to the proposed waste processing plant at Whistleberry Road, Hamilton.

The local MP cited the proximity to a residential site, the detrimental impact to the local community and the potential adverse effect of historical sites nearby, as reasons for her objection.

Ms Crawley has consistently opposed the erection of a plant in Whitehill and will continue to campaign alongside residents against its progress.

Commenting, Ms Crawley said:

“I have consistently opposed the proposals to build a huge plant so close to my constituents’ homes.

“When the planning application was first brought to my attention, I raised concerns about the proposals at a consultation event in the Whitehill Neighbourhood Centre.

“Both at that meeting and since, the developer has not alleviated any of my concerns.

“The community in Whitehill have worked hard for more than 10 years to bring regeneration to their local area, and I fear that a plant of this size will fly in the face of their aspirations.

“The size of the stack is enough for me to oppose the plant alone, but there is a number of other complications that come with a plant of this nature.

“The infrastructure surrounding Whitehill may not be able to cope with the scale of this development, and the overshadowing stack would adversely affect treasured historic sites.

“For those reasons and many more, I will continue to campaign, alongside my constituents, for the proposal to be halted in its tracks.”