Angela calls on Council to draft Autism Scotland into new ‘One Stop Shop’

Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley has today written to Eddie McAvoy – leader of South Lanarkshire Council – calling on him to utilise the experience and knowledge of those that worked in the popular ‘One Stop Shop’ in Motherwell.

The letter comes after parents raised a number of concerns about the lack of interim service being provided now that the previous centre has closed. The ‘One Stop Shop’ in Motherwell closed as a result of both North and South Lanarkshire Council’s failure to come to an agreement on a funding model.

South Lanarkshire Council have reassured parents that money is no barrier to the establishment of a new ‘One Stop Shop’ and that their service will go above and beyond what was previously provided.

Commenting, Angela said:

“Now that the ‘One Stop Shop’ in Motherwell has closed its doors to the public, it is imperative that the South Lanarkshire equivalent autism service is run with the same passion, determination and knowledge.

“After speaking with a number of parents and elected members, it is clear that the service being provided at present fails to meet demand. We are told by the Council that the new provision will go above and beyond what the previous ‘One Stop Shop’ offered – but the facts tells a different story.

“I have no reason to doubt South Lanarkshire Council’s ambition to provide a first-class service, but if they continue on this path, I fear they will fall well short.

“For their ambition is to be realised, parents need experienced practitioners, resources and funding that has made the ‘One Stop Shop’ in Motherwell such a valued institution.

“I have therefore urged the leader of the Council to consider awarding funding to the team at Scottish Autism previously in charge of the Motherwell ‘One Stop Shop’ and asked him to allow them to take forward the set-up and implementation of the new provision.

“That way their experience, knowledge and relationship with the service users can be fully utilised. This service is so important to families across South Lanarkshire – we must get it right.