Angela calls for mandatory Universal Credit Split Payments

Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley has called on the UK Government to make Universal Credit payments to more than one person in a household.

Universal credit, the controversial new system being rolled out across the country that combines a series of benefits into one monthly payment, is paid into one single bank account per household.

Campaigners believe this makes it easier for abusers to control their partners financially, as they are more likely to be in charge of the household account.

Angela raised her concerns and called for action at Women & Equalities Questions in Westminster last week.

Commenting, Angela said:

“The idea that the benefit entitlement of a woman would be automatically paid to her partner is archaic at best and dangerous at worst.

“The Government say that split payments are available on request, but as Women’s Aid point out, few women are aware of the option and 85% of domestic abuse survivors said applying for split payments would anger their partner.

“For victims of domestic abuse, one of the biggest barriers to independence is financial control and by operating Universal Credit in this fashion it compounds the problem.

“The Government must look at the evidence and make split payments mandatory from day one.”