Angela backs ‘Stand up to bullying day’

Angela Crawley MP has today (July 5th) backed ‘National Stand Up to Bullying Day’.

The campaign comes after a poll showed a staggering 81 per cent of people believe that bullying was commonplace in school, 64 per cent believed it is widespread throughout society and just over half reported that bullying is rife in the workplace.

The initiative – organised by the Diana Award – aims to empower those that are victims and witnesses of harassment to speak out, not live in fear and suffer in silence.

Commenting, Angela said:

“I’m delighted that such an important initiative has received wide-spread national attention, with July 5th being named National Stand up to Bullying Day.

“Bullying in itself can take several different forms and can come in various environments – be it in the playground, classroom or the workplace.

“By backing this campaign, the message that I am sending today is this: if people witness to name-calling, social exclusion, cyber-harassment or the many other forms that bullying can take, call them it for what it is – abuse.

“Because bullying can have far reaching consequences. In some cases the abuse doesn’t just stop when the bullying stops. It can damage someone’s self-confidence or perception long after the incident has initially taken place.

“That’s why I am backing the campaign and encouraging anyone that is are a victim of bullying not suffer in silence.

“That way the bullies will never win.

If you require any more information regarding the campaign, or any advice on how to combat bullying, please visit or tweet, using the hashtag #Standuptobullying