40% of parents failing to receive Child Maintenance under DWP scheme

40% of parents relying on the UK government’s “collect and pay” scheme for child maintenance are failing to get the money owed.

Latest figures for the quarter to March 2018 show that compliance with the scheme is at 60%, with 8,800 parents due to pay and 5,300 paying some of due maintenance. 

The UK government-run Child Maintenance Service (CMS) currently place a 4 per cent fee on to any receiving parent, and charges an administration fee of £20 to open their case. 

Angela Crawley has repeatedly called for this maintenance tax to be abolished due to fears it is harmful for low-income families. 

Angela said: 

“These figures highlight that the present DWP system is simply not fit for purpose. For many, the Child Maintenance Service is unaffordable and it harms shared parenting arrangements. 

“Time and time again we are seeing parents and families frustrated and let down by the Tories at Westminster. Ultimately, it is children who are losing out on money intended to support them under this system.

“It’s clear that the system is failing too many. If the UK government are unwilling or unable to fix it, they should devolve responsibility to Scotland so we can ensure families get the money owed to them.”