10% of Pension Credit claimants hit by tory cut

10% of applicants for pension credit could be hit by a Tory cut of up to £7000 a year, according to new analysis by SPICe, the Scottish Parliament’s information centre.
Currently, couples are able to claim pension credit if one of the partners is over the state retirement age of 65.
The Tories are now forcing mixed-age couples to apply for Universal Credit instead – meaning a cut in income of up to £7000 a year.
Independent analysts at the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) found that 10% of individuals in Scottish households claiming pension credit were likely to be affected.
Commenting, Angela said:
“This is just the latest harmful and unnecessary cut that will punish pensioners in need simply for having a partner younger than them.
“With Amber Rudd recently admitting that Universal Credit was pushing people towards foodbanks, it is beyond belief that the Tories are determined to force pensioners onto that system – and at a massive financial cost.
“It is no wonder the Tories snuck this announcement out in the middle of their Brexit chaos to try and avoid embarrassment. 

“The UK government must urgently think again.”